What about our future?

Maybe, my future has to be connected with photography?

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Marypersonally, i haven`t known before she`s so beautiful

personally, i haven`t known before she`s so beautiful

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Karina and Mary

Karina and Mary

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A spring has come

A spring has come

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So, suggest You getting acquainted.
My name is Slava and I`m from Ukraine. I have two hobbies: tennis and photography.
Here You can see and estimate the second thing. To tell the truth, I don`t have professional camera - I just have an imagination and it`s improve my situation.
In my spare time I usually take photo of my friends, nature, animals.Especially, I like photograph portrets of people with unordinary appearance.
What about musik? I like light rock, indi musik and piano compositions.
If you want we`ll make friends with each other, send me a letter on my e-mail.

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When I listen to it, suddenly remember my past.

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